CSS Cursor Styling

CSS Cursor

There is a possibility to set the mouse cursor icon with the CSS property cursor.

selector { cursor: value; }

Most Popular Cursors:

  • default: The standard arrow
  • help: A question mark
  • wait: An hourglass
  • pointer: A hand with the index finger outstretched
  • text - An "I" shaped icon
  • crosshair: A cross hair


p {
    cursor: pointer;
span {
    cursor: move;
h4 {
    cursor: help;
h5 {
    cursor: wait;

CSS Cursor Style: pointer

CSS Cursor Style: move

CSS Cursor Style: help

CSS Cursor Style: wait

CSS Custom Cursor

CSS allows you to use a custom cursor defined in an external file


p { cursor: url(mycursor.cur), default; }

Remember: Opera doesn’t support custom cursors!